How to change ojs home page Layout (multi journal)

i wanna change list of journals in my site index from vertical to horizontal Layout and if it possible make them full width.
i have 3 or maybe later 4 journals and i wanna divide my site index body to 3 or 4 equal part (Certainly in width).
Is there any way?

i’m using OJS
thank you.

You can change site front page layout by editing the indexSite template here:

I would suggest that you create a child theme from the theme you are using and the changes there. It would mean adding a customized indexSite template and probably some CSS styles to enable the layout you want.

Details on how to create a child theme are available here: PKP Theming Guide

We want to change my home page that only show picture and description and do not show list of paper
and right of home page show name of publisher and editor
and right of home page below of them list of site index similar

I cannot find the file in the location that you have specified (using v3.1.1). Could you point a different location?