How to change localhost to domain name

i want to change localhost like this http://localhost/ojs-system/index.php/nrcjae
to domain name like this

Hello @tamer_Mansour … I guess you mean the “base_url” option from the OJS’ configuration file

Search for the file at the root folder of your OJS installation and for the base_url option inside it.

I installed XAMPP , then I finished creating the journal
The site address appears like this
I want it to appear like normal websites
So that people can access the site
thank you

Hi @tamer_Mansour, did you solve your problem? I have the same issue.
Can anybody help us? Thanks.

@tamer_Mansour , you need two things

1.- An IP address accessible by everyone
2.- An associated name in a DNS server that resolves the name you want to put on your website.

Normally you get this by hiring a web hosting service.

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