How to change homepage image size


Can someone help me with how to change homepage image size in OJS 3. Please do not link to other similar thread that exists on this community and I have read it. It does tell partly how to fix it, but it does not tell the file path and the exact way of doing it. Can someone help please?

Thanks !

Hi @nainrs

Hmmm… Can you not upload the image with the correct/wished size? Or do you think something else?

Also, what homepage image i.e. which journal setting field did you use to upload it?


Thanks for the answer. I am talking about the homepage image that appears
prominently on journal page and is really big in size. I want to play
around with its size, but which file should I edit for this as simply
reducing the image size doesn’t help. I hope I am clear.

Which I should edit means, which file in the OJS system controls the display size of journal home page image?

Hi @nainrs

Do you maybe have an URL where I can see that image?
The homepage image is uploaded as journal manager under Settings > Website > Appearance > Homepage Image. It is then saved in the folder public/ under journals//homepageImage_..



I have same issue with big homepage image size (version
First time i uploaded 745x1060 image, and it was huge in journal. So i decided to resize it with GIMP into 213x278. When i resized and uploaded again in Homepage image i still have same issues, it seems that css resizing image into default size.

Is there a way to resize image without touching css code ?

745x1060 (uploaded image size)

213x278 (uploaded image size)

P.S. does someone know how to do like this ? (Image in right size and in left side text)


For the Manuscript theme, the Homepage Image should be at least 860px wide. You should change the aspect ratio of your homepage image (the ratio between the width and height) if you don’t want it to be so tall.

Hello @NateWr,

I tried to change aspect ratio, but it does not help, image is still big. I kind of need design like this journal (image below), but can not minimize homepage image and insert text in left side area.


I tried it every possible way I could think, but I couldn’t figure it out. Everytime it spreads the image in its original dimensions, probably the default. I am not a web developer though.

In the default, Manuscript and Bootstrap3 themes, the homepage image will always expand to take up the full space. If you’d like a different layout, you will probably need to build a Child Theme and customize the homepage HTML/CSS.

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Alright, thanks.