How to change auto assinged DOI to number

We use the CrossRef Export/Registration Plugin to assign automatically the DOI to our issues. An issue was created with the year value as 2018 but it was later changed to 2019. The DOI assigned is 10.####/issue2018 and We haven’t registered the DOI since the issue hasn’t been published, is there a way we can change this DOI to 10.####/issue2019?

I already looked on the issue_settings and see the DOI, could I just change that value?

Hi @jose.galeano,

Which version of the OJS are you using?

Regards, Primož

You can change within OJS (by resetting), If you did not deposit that doi with crossref yet. Provide your ojs version for exact information on setting page.
However if you already deposited DOI to the crossref then you need to reset doi setting within ojs and further need to update with crossref using duplicate metadata merge feature (you need to consult CrossRef for it).

The version installed is OJS 2.4.8

If you want to reset the Issue DOI and all of the Article and Galley DOIs associated with that Issue, navigate to:
User Home → Editor → Issues → (select Issue) → Issue Data → Clear Issue Objects DOIs.

To clear just a single Article within an Issue, navigate to:
User Home → Editor → Issues → (select Issue) → Table of Contents → (select Article) → Summary → Edit Metadata → Select this checkbox to clear the existing DOI for this article.

This will regenerate the DOIs according to your current settings (with updated issue metadata).

To edit a DOI arbitrarily, you will need to temporarily disable automatic DOI assignment.
User Home → Journal Manager → System Plugins → Public Identifier Plugins → DOI → Settings → Enter an individual DOI suffix for each published item.

You will then have a text entry box within the Issue / Article / Galley settings.

Be sure to re-enable automatic DOI generation again, if desired.

Any DOI changes within OJS must be reconciled with your Registration Authority (such as CrossRef), if they have already been registered outside of OJS.

Yes, this worked! Thank you!