How to change Article PDF label from local language to English?

Hi all !
Could you help me with a little problem, Please!..
I have multilanguage OJS. When adding article’s Galley i choose the language of this article and then it is displayed in local language in the template… issue contents page
But i need to display it in English… see screen

I.e. not to remove this label but change “Українська” (in local lang) to “Ukrainian” (in English)

thanks in advance!

I suppose that was done deliberately. I mean the signature on a galley with the native to the galley language.

Yes, but it seems to me that this is not entirely logical.

If a user is English-speaking (only) he/she still does not understand the language of the article from this PDF-label, because he/she does not know Ukrainian … i.e. he/she simply could not read this word “українська” in the local language to understant that article is in Ukrainian. It is much better to use the international language

And It seems to me that this is why it should be possible to replace this element with another one in another language. At least using Translate Plugin… (