How to assign new Journal Editor to the Journal?


I am trying to assing new Journal Editor to OJS since we had a change rather recently.

I have removed a role from the previous Journal Editor and added a new user - new editor. I have also selcted a role - Journal Editor for the new editor.

There is a problem because the new editor has not changed and I am confused how to do it properly. When I sing in as the new editor the role has not been assigned because the submissions are not visible. And the submissions are still visible to the previous editor.

We are using OJS

Can you hlep me the situation?

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards, Lea

Hi @LeaVrecko

Assigned submissions are tied to a user with editor role, but not directly to a role automatically.
The individual assignments are kept, but they won’t be active because the user won’t be able to get in.
JM accounts don’t need submission-specific assignments – you can just enroll them as a JM in the journal and that’ll be enough. Please, double check this new JM is enrolled as is in journal you wanted to.

Israel Cefrin
Public Knowledge Project Team


I have double checked it and it still does not work. The new editor in chief does not see the submissions and the old one still does - although I have enrolled a new editor. Can you give me more detailed instructions how to do it?

Regards, Lea