How to archive submissions without publishing or declining them?

Currently, we are using OJS Our workflow is to manage submission, peer-review and layout via the OJS dashboard, but publishing is done via xml import of the whole issue. This leads to a long list of unpublished items in the “my submission” list of editors having problems to overview which submissions are in the pipeline and which of them have been already published. However, I don’t want to delete (via xml import) published submissions because in rare cases we will have a corrigendum or other post-publishing discussions with authors, which makes archiving of submissions desirable. Now my Question is: How can I transfer unpublished and not declined items into the archive?
I tried to click “Schedule for Publication” and then “in Future Issues”. However, this did not remove the submission to the archive.
Any ideas?
Cheers, Sleipnir

Hi @Sleipnir,

These are the only two options and honestly, I believe no need for any other. The point of submission is to be published, otherwise it doesn’t make sense to submit it. So you have to options:

  1. The submission is successfully published (and moved to archive) or

  2. The submission will not be published and is rejected (and moved to archive)

What other option do you see? Or maybe, what you want to achieve?

Regards, Primož

Thank you @primozs!
We decided to separate the management of the manuscript and the publication because after acceptance of submissions metadata had to be revised (changes in title and abstract, keywords were submitted as a clump and not individually etc.). This was labor-intensive and often led to careless mistakes.
If there’s no other possibility I think we will decline submissions by using the option not to send the decline e-mail to authors.

I think there are several journals managing the submission and peer-review via the OJS dashboard but publishing their articles elsewhere. It would be nice to know, how the submission list is handled there.
However, as with marking DOIs as registred without registering them via OJS, it would be nice to have an option by which articles could be marked as published without clicking “Publish Issue”.

Hello, we are also very interested in a possibilty to archive an accepted submission without publishing them. One of our journals publishes online articles but also a print version. The print version does sometimes feature articles which are not published online. These submissions have to stay in the production stage indefinitely and are beginning to seriously clutter the submission overview.

Until there will be possibility to do this via the frontend I would like to ask if someone knows a workaround in the database?

I’d be curious if a workaround has been discovered yet?

Hi there,

is there any update on this, yet?
As for the do-it-on-database-level (and probably cause a lot of problems by doing so): can one change the submission status to status=4 for a submission in stage=4? Wouldn’t that be the equivalent of declining and archiving while in production stage?
A button in the production stage for this would be really nice.

Hi all,

This is filed here: Add 'archive' button in production stage · Issue #5709 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

Let’s move the conversation there so it’s collected in one place.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team