How to allow an author for resubmission/upload new file before review?

we have a problem with submissions. Many authors upload documents with they personal data. We ask them to anonymize those documents but after sending submission authors are not allowed to change them and they create new submissions. This creates a little chaos in a system.
Is there any way to upload the new file by the authors in an already created submission?

Thank you for any answer

Author can upload file in the pre review disscussion below… you can request in the pre review
disscussion below.

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HI @doridek,

In addition to the good suggestions about using the pre-review option.
In order to help authors be proactive in not including identifying information, what you can do is develop a checklist of steps for authors to follow to ensure that they take care to remove personal data/identifying information: Workflow Settings

PKP Team

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Thank you very much for this tip! :slight_smile:

thank you very much! :slight_smile:

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