How to Add Static Pages to the Navigation Bar Submenu

I was wondering if anyone knows how to add Static Pages to a submenu in the navigation bar? I am using OJS and have enabled the Static Page Plugin; however, I am having a hard time “linking” it to its particular section in the navigation menu.
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You can add a nav-item or a nav-subitem in Settings>Website>Navigation Menus tab
In there, you may see an “Add Menu” and “Add Item” link. Click the add item link and enter your page details in there.

Is there a need for “Static Pages” (managed by the Static Page Plugin) anymore, as we can use “Navigation Menu Items” instead? Some ideas when to use Static Pages and when to use “Navigation Menu Items”?

I use them a little differently just for the sake of “housekeeping”. I use the navigation menu items only for pages that will actually be displayed in the navigation menus. But for pages that I create only to be accessed via a link within the website texts or maybe through a button or image in the sidebar (i.e. non-menu pages) I use the Static Pages.

As an example, this Top-10 list was created using Static Pages: Top 10 Downloads 2019 | Polar Research

…and it is not a main menu or submenu item. It is just a temporary page that we have linked to from the journal homepage (and via tweets etc.).

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Hi Emma,

Thank you for sharing your practice! This makes sense to me. Even though you can link to “Navigtation Menu Items” without actually including them into a menu it feels a little bit like misusing them when doing so.

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Thank you for sharing your experience !
Is it possible to add a page created from the staticPages inside a menu ?
I did not manage, but the documentation say it is possible :

After you create the page you will want to add it to your menu. Instructions on how to do that are in the above section on Navigation Menus.

from the Static Page titles

It can be done via the Remote URL of the Navigation Menu Type but this would be a workaround because it says : ‘‘Link to any URL on another site, like’’