How To Add Payment Gateway Plugin to OJS 3.2-0-3 Manually I I want to accept payment from razorpay

I recently downloaded the latest version of OJS 3.2.0-3 to start a journal. I want to integrate the manual payment gateway; be it razorpay, stripe or any other to accept the payments. I tried by uploading it but OJS doesn’t support. Also though there are option to search for payment plugins but we dont find any in the gallery. Please help how can I accept payments, other than paypal, by adding a plugin or api in OJS 3.2.0-3 version.

Hi @ram.rameo,

The only payment tool that OJS currently has a plugin for is PayPal. If you are not able to use PayPal and would like to use a different tool to accept payments, we recommend writing a plugin for the other payment tool. The PayPal plugin uses the Omnipay library, which provides support for a lot of different payment tools. A developer should be able to copy the PayPal plugin and adapt it to a different payment tool fairly easily.

If you then want to share the plugin with the OJS community I’m sure it would be widely appreciated.

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team


Has anything changed as far as payments tools supported by OJS are concerned apart from PayPal?
Thank you

Hello @ram.rameo

If you are still having issues with payment integration on your OJS, we have created a custom plugin that integrates with Razorpay.

Here are the benefits of using this plugin:

  • Accept multiple payment channels provided by Razorpay
  • Easy setup to OJS 3.3
  • Safe
  • Provides features for Article Processing Fee, Article Download, and Issue Download

Click here to gain more information about the plugin

Hello @Valeria_Brancolini

We created Razorpay OJS 3 plugin, the payment gateway that is exclusively provided for a variety of options that you can use as payment for your OJS. This plugin can work very well on OJS 3.3.

Click here to gain more information about the plugin

@goodzy , thank you!