How to add more than one ISBN (15)?

Hi there,
our books are available as pdf and via print-on-demand. These two are different formats, so we need two ISBNs.
We have a publication format “PDF”. We assign the digital ISBN to that publication format. We cannot assign another ISBN (15) to that format.
We do not sell the physical books ourselves. Instead, we use “remotely hosted publication format” to point to Amazon. Apparently, it is not possible to assign ISBNs to remotely hosted publication formats (Metadata for remotly-hosted publication formats in OMP 3.2.1).
Please advise how we can display both the ISBN for the digital book and the ISBN for the printed book on a book’s catalog page.

Hi @Glottotopia,

This seem to be a bug – the metadata tab is missing for the remote publication formats. Please follow this issue for the fix: Metadata tab missing for remote publication formats · Issue #7086 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub.


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