How to add galley to OJS 3.2.0-1


The new OJS 3.2.0-1 is out, this is released with some UI change. One of them is galleys on the published submission.
Unfortunately, I cannot find any Add galley link on the published submission.


I try to add any file attachment as galley on the **Production Files **, however, this galley is still never come out on the article frontend details page or galley list of files on the backend of journal.

Anyone, please give some clue

Hi @navotera,

From OJS 3.2 submission cannot be modified after being published. It can be done by unpublishing or creating a new version.

Hi @Vitaliy

Thank for your response.
Unfortunately, even if I unpublished the submission this galley **Add Item ** Link never come out yet.


Does the button appear if reload the page

Yes, it works after I reload the page.
Thank you so much @Vitaliy you are the best.