How to Add Article Cover Image to TOC and Article Pages in New Version OJS

Describe the issue or problem
I’m wondering if the Article cover Image is viewable in the TOC and on the Article page in the new version of OJS

Steps I took leading up to the issue
I went through every post in this forum and found nothing.

I attempted to navigate to metadata->contributor to see if the cover image was available, but no function was displayed.

What application are you using?
For example, OJS

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Dats Me

Hi @OJS_Darryl,

It’s not viewable in the TOC view, but rather on the article page, such as this one:

PKP Team

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It is possible to see the article cover both in the table of contents and on the article detail page.

Article cover image adding page

Depending on the theme used, the results may differ.
Template: Manuscript
An example

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The Immersion theme will show article cover images in the TOC and on the article page, provided you add them to the submission in the Publication > Issue menu shown by @kerimsarigul in the post above this one. We’re experimenting with author photos and it looks great!

Thanks everyone I got it.

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