How to add an upload field to the Theme Options


I created a child theme for a client, where he can select a few colors and select the aspect of the header.
Now, I need a field where he can add a partner logo, but for what I understand, the only three types of Theme Options are radio, colors and text. No way to add an upload field?
I could use the text type to paste and url, but it’s not very user-friendly and that means that the user would have to upload the logo somewhere first.

I you have any idea that would great !

Thanks !

You could always do a request for a new feature, but at the moment what you want is not possible.

In our case the journals usually have partner logos in the sidebar. You can add them easily by using the Custom Block Manager plugin. Just add a new text block and upload the logos there. See Website > Plugins > Custom Block Manager > enable > blue triangle > Edit > Add new custom block.

We have one test installation that you can check for sidebar: