How to add a new Citation Style just like AMA, etc

Hi! Our Journals need some new citation styles, just like AMA, etc. I see that ama.csl file has included in the plugin which on the Github, but there haven’t any latest release, how can I do?


Hi @jicai.he,

Which version of OJS are you using currently (e.g. 3.3.0-14)? We can check on the status of this - @jnugent - would you be able to speak to this?

PKP Team

Hi everyone, the AMA citation style will be included in the 3.4 release of OJS which is due out some time in the next month or so, most likely. Until then if you want to add AMA you’ll need to add the ama.csl file to your own citation plugin and modify the plugin to make it available by editing the file and adding it here:


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Hi, @rcgillis the currently version that we are using is


Hi, @jnugent That’s great! It’s just a wonderful work of your team, thanks a lot.


This is great news @jnugent ! I was planning to expand the file (C:\OJSBKP\public_html\public_html\plugins\generic\citationStyleLanguage) to add the references to the CSL file in C:\OJSBKP\public_html\public_html\plugins\generic\citationStyleLanguage\citation-styles, which also need to be added separately. I will wait till we complete the upgrade next month. Some journals are still publishing so I do not want to interrupt their work.

Arjun @asabhar