How to achieve seeing page header and footer in HTML viewer? OJS 3.x

Dear members,

I have tried to find a solution for my page to include header and footer when viewing HTML articles, but failed (I am currently testing this for OJS 3). If there is a solution, please share. I found some pages that have that solved, but failed to come in contact with them. See below for reference:

This is what we currently have on our page:

Thank you for your help in advance, and have a nice day.

Hi @s3h4,

One of the solutions could be 1) creating a child theme, 2) overriding HTML Galley Plugin’s template, 3) where you can add custom footer and header and avoid iframe. Keep in mind that removing the iframe can trigger issues with statistics if galley call is not done through download operation and also can lead to some inconsistencies with HTML markup.

Thank you very much Vitaliy for clearing this for me.

Best regards