How the * search works?

Hello, this is a technical question because I cant find enough information on the internet.

I want to do two things:

  1. Search just by Year. ie: from 2006 to 2010 show all the articles.
    2. Order by article public date.

From the backend, I was searching for a hook, but didnt find anything, so If there is a function that I can call and modify the query that could be great.

I am reading this information, but if someone have a better idea how to achive this, I will be very, thanksfull.

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It says:

Most of the before-mentioned search features could potentially be dis-/enabled and configured on journal level, e.g. highlighting, faceting, additional ordering criteria, “more-like-this”, etc.

But, where and how can I do that?

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Hi @josuevalrob,

What version of OJS are you working on?

version 3.

Are the links that I share corrects?.
According to them, is impossibel to search just by year or order by article public date.

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@asmecher sorry for mention you, but I just want to know if I had made the right aproach on this topic.


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Hi @josuevalrob,

Much of that documentation was written in 2012, before OJS 3 was released. So it probably won’t apply to OJS 3.

In OJS 3 you can search by date, but not all submissions. You still need to enter a search term to return any results. I’m not that familiar with the searching, but I found the following hook in SubmissionSearch, which I believe will be called by ArticleSearch:

In ArticleSearch there is this hook, which may help you modify the ordering options:

That is exactly what I need, thanks!.

I will talk with the developers.

Is clear that this feature can not be done with the OJS 3 and require a development.


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