How get a list of articles by issue?

I make a custom export plugin. I can:

  1. Get issue data:
$issueDao = DAORegistry::getDAO('IssueDAO');
$issue = $issueDao->getById($issueId, $context->getId());
  1. Get journal data:
$journalDao = DAORegistry::getDAO('JournalDAO');
$journal = $journalDao->getById($issue->getJournalId());

But, i’m not understand how get publications by issue? I can use SQL query, but i want use some kind of DAO. Tell my please how can do this?

Hi @safonovpro

Have a look at the class in pages/issue. There’s a method called _setupIssueTemplate that works through the logic required using either the PublishedArticleDAO or the SectionDAO. It’s different in OJS 3.2 versus 3.1.2 and I’m not quite sure what version you’re using.


I’m using Thanks for answer. I will try your recommendation.

Can you please give an idea about database tables from which data can be extracted for articles belonging to a particular issue.
I have not been able to find.