How do i publish a preprint version

How do i publish a preprint version of an article? I ask because OJS only let publish the articles when the have already finish all the editorial process, that is when the final PDF is ready or whatever. But, i want to publish ahead of print.


OJS does not support preprints yet. But preprints is something PKP is working on.

If you need preprints in OJS right now and can do some coding yourself, you could check this plugin GitHub - ajnyga/forthcoming: OJS3 plugin for showing forthcoming articles and see how to make it show articles in an earlier stage. That plugin currently let’s you show articles before they are published as a part of an issue.

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Hi @Nicolas_Dario_Cuevas and @ajnyga

What we do is:

  1. Make an issue called Ahead of print and publish it (even empty)
  2. Publish preprints in Ahead of print issue continuously.
  3. When the final PDFs are ready, and when you are ready to publish new issue, make a new issue with vol and issue number.
  4. Update the article PDFs in Ahead of print with the final ones, update metadata, page numbers, date of publishing if necessary.
  5. Move the articles from Ahead of print issue to newly created issue.
  6. Publish new issue.
  7. Go to step 2.


Yes that is what we used to do as well. What I did not like about the solution is that it shows an issue called Ahead of print in the OAI-PMH feed and what ever system harvests metadata there will include that issue as well - although it is not an actual issue. That was the reason why I made the plugin.

But there should be better support for these kinds of things in the future.

after 3 years from last post - did have anyone new experiences about the topic?

We are thinking of starting publishin before ahead, but I have a problem with understanding what should I do with DOI.
Our DOI is made from number of journal + ID of the article.
So if I “publish” it in fictive number Article In Press, DOI will be wrong. And correct DOI the article will get with “real” number. But that means changing the DOI. But DOI’s should be pernament ID’s of the article? And metadata will be wrong.

I am a bit confused, not know how to reach the correct way…

What are your practical experiences?

Thank you very much in advance for any suggestion.