How do I know which templates are called for a specific page [OJS 3.1]

Dear all,
How do I know which templates are called for a particular page?
for eg, for homepage of a journal, there should be following templates:

  1. header.tpl
  2. footer.tpl
  3. notification.tpl (if enabled)
  4. issue.tpl

But how do I know what exact templates are called for that page?


Hi @anupent

Lets take for example the article view page first: it has this URL …/article/view/1. That means that you would search the page “article” function “view”. Thus, you would go to the folder pages/article/ open the index.php, see there what handler is responsible for that function. In this case it would be Then you would open that class and find the “view” function. In the function you can then find the primary template called, in this case “frontend/pages/article.tpl”. You can then go to that template and see what other templates it includes/uses.

For journal index page, it is a little bit different, but actually the same: you would go the page “index”, function “index”. The template is “frontend/pages/indexJournal.tpl”.


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Thanks @bozana,
That makes sense to me.


Dear @bozana
One more question:
Which template is called to display right sidebar blocks in the homepage. I could not locate it.


I think lib/pkp/templates/frontend/components/footer.tpl…

Footer? That’s something I had not ever expected. Will check it out.

Thanks @bozana