How do I hide Title and Section Policy that appears in About and Submission Metadata?

Hello guys,

In two new installations of OJS 3.1.2 I’m having trouble displaying the list of sections. I do not want the list of sections to appear in the SUBMISSION menu (Submissões | Inventionis) as follows:

Even in the item Metadata of the article also appears improperly the list of sections:

Has anyone experienced this problem and can you help me?


in the file

excludes the following part, and I was able to remove the titles and policies from the “About Magazine” sections.

	// Get sections for this context
	$canSubmitAll = false;
	$userRoles = $this->getAuthorizedContextObject(ASSOC_TYPE_USER_ROLES);
	if ($userRoles && !empty(array_intersect([ROLE_ID_SITE_ADMIN, ROLE_ID_MANAGER, ROLE_ID_SUB_EDITOR], $userRoles))) {
		$canSubmitAll = true;

	$sectionDao = Application::getSectionDAO();
	$sections = $sectionDao->getByContextId($context->getId(), null, !$canSubmitAll)->toArray();

	// for author.submit.notAccepting
	if (count($sections) == 0) {

	$templateMgr->assign('sections', $sections);


The section titles and policies are gone when you delete the part of the code above, however the following lock now appears:

This journal is not accepting submissions at this time.

The system related to the presentation of Sections Titles and Policies as a requirement for submission. When you change the code and remove the list of sections, it disables submission in all portal magazines.