How do I delete incomplete submissions in OJS

I couldn’t find an option to remove incomplete submissions in OJS It was available in OJS Could you please let me know, is there any way to delete the incomplete submissions?

How do I delete an article from OJS?

1- Editor should complete all the submission stages.
2- Then decline the submission
3- Then only delete the submission.

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Thank you for your response. However, it would be better if we get an option like in version I think this feature is not included in version 3.3.X.X

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I’m used to bustle a little with the URLs to delete incomplete submissions without completing it before.

Imagine the incomplete submission has the id 451.
If you go to https://YOURSITE.COM/index.php/JOURNAL/workflow/index/451/1 you’ll enter directly in the (incomplete) submission page. Then you can act as it is a normal submission, rejecting it and then deleting it.

It works for 3.3.0-6, I think it works for 3.3.0-10 too.
Let me know!

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Use (with care) OJS’ CLI tool. For example, on Linux:

php <OJS_ROOT>/tools/deleteSubmissions.php <SUB1_ID> [<SUB2_ID> ...]

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