How do I add metadescription for each page of the journal?

Thanks to highly dedicated support team, with no big trouble.

Now that I have almost completed the journal settings and moving for SEO, I figured out that the metadescription for the other pages are more primitive;

which looks like this

So I would like to add the meta description for the specific pages.
Can you tell me where I can add them?

I am using OJS 2.4 installed from softraculous

Hi @jhin139,

Is that OJS 2.4.0, or something newer?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Sorry for late reply. I’m using OJS 2.4.0.

In OJS 3.0 we support a custom meta description tag on the homepage, which can be set at Settings > Distribution > Indexing.

We don’t have page-specific meta descriptions, and I don’t think we’ve settled on how we might provide these in the future. Some will probably be attached to specific data objects, like Articles and Issues. But we have other pages which don’t have a “home” in the backend in quite the same way, like our About, Login and Registration pages.

Regardless of how we decide to implement support for this in the backend (I’d be in favor of a separate plugin, since many journals don’t need the additional overhead of writing meta descriptions for everything), we would probably load the meta tags using the {load_header context="frontend" headers=$headers} smarty function and the API in the Template Manager.

You can see how meta tags are added in the homepage using the TemplateManager API here:

Once a plugin had collected the meta descriptions it wanted to display, it would need to hook into the TemplateManager::display hook and print the right description based on the current request.