How change publication date?

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wow, this is interesting and useful.
I made it in a very more banal way (I suspect, too banal, that’s why I didn’t comment any further).
The date of publication, editable, of each article appears in the “Schedule for publication” tab (the blue button which appears in the right sidebar at the very last step of the publication process). I attach here a screenshot. I changed all of them one by one entering in each article.
@ajnyga, with the script you sent, you would run it each time for each issue published, is that right?

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Yes, you could do that. It just stamps the issue pubdate to the attached articles. Of course it does so to all published articles in that journal, but if the issue pubdate has not changed that should not matter.

this seems to have been fixed, see:

@budhi here’s a workaround:

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Dear @fgnievinski thank you for the solution. :+1:

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Are there the same script for OJS 3.2.1 version?

dear iseael.Petrus
I am using OJS 3.1.14 version. now I as editor of medical journal facing problem in sending emails to reviewers and authors for communication. when i send review to reviwer my screen shows that it has been sent and i am notified but on confrming on phone they are informing me that they did not receive any type of email from ojs. i checked my setting of journal and found that my emails disabled. i want to enable them but not able to successfully do it. kindly guid me cocerning this issue for smooth handling of ojs.
Dr Shireen

Hi @shireen

I’ve answered you in the other post, could you please check it?


I could change my issue date, but the submissions date still the old one.
So, there’re two different date; for the issue and the manuscript
How to solve it?