How can i transfer articles OJS 2.4 TO

Hi there, i just installed ojs 3.1, i need to transfer articles from the old site to new. I tried fullJournalTransfer and it seems not working. Tried native import export XML thing and cant upload to 3.1 coz XML thing is changed.

Any recommend would be nice for me.


Hi @Riselia

Export/import feature from OJS 2.4 to 3.x is not available. There’s some differences between XML files generated in those versions.
What you could supposed to do is create a sandbox installation to upgrade your old site and use export feature in command line.

If you have expertise in command line, go to your server and run:
php tools/importExport.php NativeImportExportPlugin usage

This will show you all options to import and export, but first of all you need upgrade your database and files version to export.

You can read further about those tools here:

Israel Cefrin
Public Knowledge Project Team