How can I send galley proof to the author to check before scheduling it for publishing in OJS 3.0?

I saw the webinar on OJS 3.0. Kevin explained how after uploading the galley proof, the editor can schedule the publication. My question is, how can I send the proof to the author and can have discussions regarding the corrections in the proof at this stage?

Hi @sarikagarg,

To send the galley file to the author to check during the Production stage you just need to click the “Add Discussion” button in the “Production Discussions” box. An empty email template will open. Select the author and any other participants you want to include and attach the galley file you want the author to review.

If the author is not appearing as a participant, you will need to ensure that authors have access to the Production stage. Go to Users & Roles > Roles and make sure that there is check under Production next to the Author role.

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thanks, Amanda. I appreciate it.

Hello @astevens ,

Is there a way of doing this using an email template instead of creating an empty Discussion?

Apart from the template being more practical, we have noticed that only the messages sent trough the “Notify” button actually send an email. The creation of a new Discussion only makes it appears in the corresponding submission dashboard, but does not prevent the participants via email.
On the other hand, one cannot attach files to the emails sent trough “Notify”.

Is there a solution scheduled for this problem?
We’re currently using OJS

Thanks in advance,

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Unfortunately I also found the process very clunky and not easy to follow… : either you upload a proof file and notify the author (but it is difficult for the authors to access as they apparently have no access to the production ready files) or you create a discussion uploading the proof file (but you cannot use a template)…

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Hi @lsteele,

For the issue regarding the author access, I would suggest double checking that the Author role [see Users & Roles] has been given access to all 4 parts: Submission, Review, Copyediting, Production.

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Patricia Mangahis
Public Knowledge Project Intern

@pmangahis @astevens
Dear Patricia, dear Amanda

we currently use OJS and we do have a similar problem as @ezeferrero and @lsteele.
Starting a new discussion in the production state including uploadet galleys, does create a notification within OJS but it is unclear whether an e mail is send to the participants.

While a journal Editor recieved a notification via mail I can not tell if the authors got one as well.

The fact whether mails are send does not show up in the acivity protocoll of the subission, neither for the journal editor (who recieved one) nor for the authors (for whom I have no idea whether they got a mail).
I allready checked for the access rights which are set for all authors to allow access to the production stage.
thanks for help in advance

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It is an odd case, really: somehow there are different behaviours between a notify action and a start discussion, neither of which is optimal. I copy the letter template using the notify link and paste it in the discussion text. However, using this feature is clunky, so some actions are not easy to perform. I also think that the correspondence template need some tlc…