Hover over Article Title Reveals latest Notes made in 'Subissions Notes' in History

Dear PKP

Is it possibly, to view the ‘unassigned’,editor table (for instance, it would be grand if it could be done in 'In Review and In Editing), and a pop-up appears which shows you the ‘latest note’ made under ‘Submission Notes’ ?

This would be for OJS 2.4.7 and OJS

Kindly let me know what changes are needed to facilitate such a request.

Hi @tretief,

If I were going about this kind of modification, I would probably use an AJAX request on hover to fetch the note when needed. You would need to expose a new server-side function to fetch the latest note, probably in pages/editor/index.php (to map the function) and pages/editor/EditorHandler.inc.php (to implement the function). The rest of the work would need to be done in Javascript/HTML in the templates/sectionEditor/submissions* templates.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team