Hosting server migration. I can´t find PDF or HTML files

Hello. I have a big problem. My hosting server. They were migrating last night all the website to a bigger server because we have a lot of traffic, but now I can´t find any pdf or html, in OJS, the files browser is empty. So they are asking me where is the URL root of those files (pdf, html) or the process to migrate that directory. There are fifteen years of magazines uploaded there, so please help me.

You’ll find this as the files_dir option in your

Well thank you. You were right. My hosting server providers, answered me:

The info was actually in another Inbox, so we are already adjusting your account. We can see that some module within the new server is not enabled which does not allow viewing of documents. We are pointing again your website to the old server temporarily, once identified the cause we can charge it to the new server again.

So I´m wondering. Apparently move the files to the new server is not enough. Have they to enable some module or something to visualize the pdf and html files, after migration?

I’m not sure off the top of my head what “module” would cause that, but the configuration of Apache and PHP can vary widely. It sounds link your host has an idea on this. For your own curiosity, you can see the current PHP modules and configuration with <?php phpinfo();?>. This is available in User Home → Site Admin → System Information - > Extended PHP Info.