Hosted Journal not Shown in fresh install OJS 3.4

Describe the issue or problem
i just freshly install OJS 3.4.0-1
when i go to Administration/hosted journal it just keep loading like pic below

i check in my server its log like this

please help

Update, i have fix the error and the warning in php log disappear, but its still loading…
cant show create journal menu.
please help

i check in mozilla firefox its shown like this

Blocked loading mixed active content “$$$call$$$/grid/admin/context/context-grid/fetch-grid?_=1691968825280”

Hello @Abd_Rahman !

If there is no error reported at your server logs… have you tried loading the page on a different browser … or disabling the blocking protection on your Firefox to see if it is your browser who’s blocking the page?

This can be done from the ‘shield’ icon next to the address bar of Firefox

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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How did you install OJS 3.4 ? From the official PKP download ? It looks like some components are missing.

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Thanks for the respond, i’ve fix the error. its caused by my SSL/Proxy Settings, i made it Strict so its normal now

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