Hide submitted date display on Immersion theme

I would like to know how this was resolved

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if you check my journal here https://ijessonline.com/index.php/ijess/article/view/4
am requesting a how to remove Submitted date on immersion theme using journal version
please check the attached file https://prnt.sc/EaSNowQN7f8A
Kind request

To remove the “Submitted date” in the Immersion theme using OJS (Open Journal Systems) version, follow these steps:

  1. Create a Stylesheet (CSS file)
  2. Add the following code to the CSS file:
.article-page__meta {
    display: none;

  1. Upload the CSS file to your journal’s website.
    For more information about custom CSS, you can refer to the official documentation: Creating a Stylesheet.

Thank you Kerimsarigul,
I implemented as you instructed but this css deletes both dates

see this https://prnt.sc/h8OrM3YaFyL2

Does it also post in the database also

If you want to remove only Submitted Date,
You can delete the following code block in plugins/themes/immersion/templates/frontend/objects/article_details.tpl file.

            {if $article->getDateSubmitted()}
					{translate key="submissions.submitted"}

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You really Explain not only as a person who is instructing but as a person who has some ownership in my website

That section has really worked for us.

It has worked ( Removing only Submitted Date )

Kind Regards

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