Hide author in TOC

OJS version 3.2.1-1.

Settings - Journal - Sections - Edit - “Omit author names for section items from issues’ table of contents” feature is not working. Author names are always shown in TOC.

We migrated from OJS 3.1.2 to 3.2.1-1. In the previous version everything was OK.

The proposed workarround: add a line 328 in pages/issue/IssueHandler.inc.php (commented as //AT):

foreach ($sections as $section) {
$issueSubmissionsInSection[$section->getId()] = [
‘title’ => $section->getLocalizedTitle(),
‘articles’ => [],
‘hideAuthor’ => $section->getHideAuthor(), //AT

Hi @arunasT,

If you think this fix could be useful to others, could you open a pull request in Github to suggest the change? We can review it there and merge it when it’s ready.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team