Hide an issue from the Archives

Hi all,
I’m using OJS (it’s a very old version…I’m seriously thinking about updating to the latest version) and I need to customize the Archives page.
Our journal publishes two issues yearly. However, the journal also hosts the proceedings of an annual conference (since 2013). I would like to hide from the Archives page the issues devoted to the proceedings and list them on a static page. I know how to customize nav bar and create a static page.
I’ve tried to hide issues from the Archives page but my rough solution didn’t work: I’ve tried to unpublish the issue (in order to hide the issue from the Archives page) but in the TOC page appears the word (Preview): is there the way to hide this word?
Probably there is another solution. I hope someone could help me.
Thank you all.

Hi @Giusy_Gallo

If you are able to create static page with older issues, you can create two static pages, one for older issues, one for newer and not use default Archive page at all.

Regarding the (Preview): I believe you are looking at the TOC in the editors area dealing with issues. This Preview should not be visible to readers only. Try to logout and check.

Regards, Primož

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Hi @primozs,
thank you very much for your help. Your suggestion solves my problem: I can modify the navigation bar and create two pages.
But…how to disable the default archive page?

About the Preview: you are right, I was logged in as editor when I was trying to find a solution.

Best, Giusy

Hi @Giusy_Gallo,

To ‘disable’ the default archive you can find the proper template and remove it from it. Not really a clean solution, but should work.

Regards, Primož

Hi @primozs , do you mean that I have to find my ojs css template file and modify the navigation bar? Please, can you clarify your suggestion? Thank you in advance.


Hi @Giusy_Gallo,

What I wanted to suggest is to modify the UI template (.tpl file) that implements the menu. That is the code directly, not the css.

Regards, Primož