Help with quick submit

Hi everyone
I have OJS and I got the QuickSubmit 1.0.4
When I descompressed the folder into htdocs\ojs\plugins\importexport this tool dont worked. The option is showed but it is not working.
Someone can help me please
img1 img2

With a 500 error, you will want to look in your PHP error log (often the same as your webserver’s error log) for additional details on the problem. It will be a message at the time of your access with the type “PHP Error” or “PHP Fatal”.

Thanks ctgraham
do yoo mean this?

This looks like the webserver error log, possibly without the PHP error messages. Most of the errors you see on this screen appear to be external probes looking for security vulnerabilities (and not finding the script the probe was looking for), as opposed to application errors.

It is also possible that the PHP Errors you are looking for are in a different section of this same log.