Help with Files_dir location

I have tried /[name of file]

I need help to get the correct path to the location of the file

Thank you

Dear @Ant_Pelosi
To some extend, the path syntax of files folder depends on your server configuration and its location.
If you are using Cpanel, then server environment has to be GNU/Linux.
So, if it’s not a shared hosting and give you shell access (ssh), then you may log in via;
using a ssh client. Then run,
and get your current path.
Eaiser way, go to file manager in Cpanel, and look at the directory path in left top corner.(see image)
If not, you might need to ask support for your hosting provider.
You need to write it as;
files_dir = /home/books/files (just as an example)

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perfect. that works like a charm

Thank you so much