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Hi all
one of the journals of my repository until last year took its editorial process in elsevier, now it will use the OJS platform the problem now is with the DOI since in elsevier some DOI were assigned, when using the platform to assign the DOI this will be assigned new DOI, I would like to know if it is possible to assign to the articles the DOI assigned to them in elsevier thank you very much for your collaboration

Yes, it is possible to assign those DOI numbers. I would suggest that you contact CrossRef support and inform them on your intentions and ask them to be cooperative and help you in that process. I know some journals who have had similar situation and everything went smoothly.

Thanks vvucic could you give me the crossref link if you have it

Please go to their site

and check for support.

Hi vvucic

thanks i want to know if is possible update the DOI in ojs with the doi assigned in elsevier

Technically speaking it shouldbe possible. However, I woudl suggest to contact Elsevier and inform them on your situation and after receiveing their reply contact CrososRef and if all of them do not have any obstacles it shoudl be technically easy to do that.

Hi @christian_criollo

You would use the DOI public identifier plugin to assign DOIs to the articles in OJS.
Eventually the import plugin “Public Identifiers XML Plugin” or “Articles & Issues XML Plugin” could help you insert the old DOIs i.e. articles with DOIs into OJS.
For DOI registration/deposit you would then use the Crossref, DataCite or mEDRA export/registration plugin in OJS – depending on what agency your DOIs are from.


HI Bozana

it is possible that in database OJS exist a field for example DOI and I can update it with the old DOI

Hi @christian_criollo

For OJS 2.4.8.x: The article DOIs are saved in the DB table article_settings. The setting_name is pub-id::doi, the setting_value would be then the actual DOI e.g. 10.1234/tj1.v1i2.1, and the setting_type is string. You would just need to also know the article_id, to insert the old DOI to the appropriate article.

Do you have (only) article DOIs?


Hi Bozana

thanks yes I have only DOIs and my question is if change the DOIs in the database the change is permanently for example if update the version ojs to the 3.1.0 and if there is problem for DOI registration/deposit (crossref)

Hi @christian_criollo

I assume that now you do not have any DOIs in OJS, correct?

If you insert the DOIs correctly and as said above, they will be displayed to the users, but they are not re-registered (to Crossref or other registration agency). As @vvucic said above, you should contact an agency and clear everything before moving the journal. For example: Who is the owner of the current/old DOI prefix? Where were those old DOIs registered, which agency was used? Shall the same agency be used in the future as well? Depending on all that, will the DOI prefix and owner change when the journal moves to you?
With the move to OJS, the URLs for those old DOIs will change, so that those old DOIs have to be re-registered (so that the registration agency has the correct metadata and so that the DOIs can be correctly resolved). How and where to re-register will depend on where the current/old DOI prefix is and what will happen with it when the journal moves.
For re-registration you could then probably use the DOI export/registration plugins.
When all this is finished and OK, there should be no problem when upgrading to OJS 3.x – When you upgrade to OJS 3.x DOIs will be correctly migrated and the URLs will not change, so nothing extra should be done.


What is the XML field I would use to add a DOI to a batch import for OJS 2?

Or, where in OJS 2 can I enter a DOI so that it displays to users? This is about getting the info into the system. I am not asking about updating Crossref nor update any resolver.

I found the import field for OJS 2. It is .