Help: Review Forms

Hello I created Review Form and I realized , I do not see the FORM completed in full screen, why ask me … What is the line I have to change in order to expand the tables and others? I hope your help.

Check out your CSS with your browser’s “Inspector” element to find the constraint. Generally, right-clicking on any page content of interest will give you a menu including the “Inspect Element” option. For example, in Google Chrome:

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I’ve tried, but I see the file that I modified. Which appears to me it does not change anything on the theme. What is the standard route?

The standard route is to upload new CSS overrides to your Journal Setup, Step 5: Journal Stylesheet.

Please post the CSS changes that you have tried here, and we can comment on them.

Hello again , I feel indicate that Step 5: Journal Stylesheet not work. What I seek is to modify the results of Review Forms, as I show in the screenshot . Not change the overall theme.

You can use CSS to target any particular element on any particular page (provided the HTML’s ids and classes are appropriately configured.) A CSS directive in the Journal Stylesheet does not need to change the overall theme. It can be very specific.

See the earlier thread for the specific CSS rules that were identified previously: