"HealthSciences" theme compatible with OJS 3.1.2-4?


I am writing here with regard to “HealthThemes”.
I have manually uploaded to my Ftp (plugins > themes), so now it appears as a folder just under “> default” folder (see screenshot 1).
Then, in my OJS installation, I have gone to “Administration > Settings > Plugin > Theme” and I have enabled it by clicking on the box (see screenshot 2). It appeared as “##plugins.themes.healthSciences.name##”
In order to abilitate “Settings”, for the previous passage, I have created a second “Test” Journal, because I have read and realized that in OJS 3, in order to see the “Settings” there must be at least two journals active, even if you want to have a standalone installation for a single journal (that would be my case).
The problem at this point is that when I go to the Journal settings, under “Appearance > Theme” I can only see in the dropdown menu list the “default” theme. Meaning, the “HealthSciences” name doesn’t appear (see screenshot 3).
Is this normal? Am I missing something here?
I am very grateful for your precious assistance.
With best regards
Leonardoscreenshot%201 screenshot%202 screenshot%203

Hi @leonardo.mancini,

If you have more than 1 journal on your OJS instance, the theme plugin needs to be activated for that specific journal. Pick the journal on the top left menu and check the theme plugin through settings -> website -> plugins tab. Can you double check if the theme is activated there? After this it should appear in the dropdown menu in the appearance form.

Thank you very much! Everything clear now!

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