Health Science Theme

Hi everyone,

I am working to modify the Health Science Theme with OJS 3.2.03.
I need to help about the following;
First, how can I add a sidebar on the homepage?
Second, I want to present articles in two columns, like OldGregg. How can I do it?

Thank you in advance

I was trying to add a sidebar as well but it seems in this theme they only appear between the body and footer, at the bottom of the page. Not heard anything to say otherwise unfortunately.

Hi @Gokmen_ARSLAN,

By design Health Sciences theme doesn’t have a sidebar. The content of a block plugins in this theme appear in the footer. Do you want to change this behavior? Is there a code that you’ve tried but it doesn’t work, so I can look at it?

Hi Vitaliy

I don’n have but I tried to add defaultManuscript on home page. I could not do. I want to add only home page. Do you have any suggestion?

As far as I remember to all front-end pages $requestedPage variable is assigned. This means that you can make a condition within Smarty on what page to show the content, e.g.:

{if $requestedPage === "indexJournal"}...{/if} 

I will try and let you.

Thank you.

Great idea.
It be great if you share your successful results with other OJS users. I think it be cool if it be as option (yes|no) in theme.