Health Science Theme Not Working

I have used the health sciences theme before, and I love it. Now, when I use it it looks awful and I do not know why… I am not even using a stylesheet or anything!
This is what it looks like, and I know for a fact this is not normal

Hi @nirhagigi,

What version of the theme are you using, and what version of OJS (e.g. 3.3.0-13)? Have you tried just testing out another theme and does that theme display fine (not to use another theme, but rather to see if the problem is with your OJS instance and themes in general vs. a specific theme).

PKP Team

Other themes work fine, and I am using the latest for both I am pretty sure.

Hi @nirhagigi,

Try going to Administration page and clean data and template cache, then open your journal in a private browser window to check it the issue persists.

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Hi Dear nirhagigi

its Working but need to some HTML, CSS touches.

Delet any Blocks and Slidbars and use footer for any more info about your Journal will be fine with it.
see our Journal for Example, Fallow like:

Happy Chance
Mustafa Hamdan