Header image & index thumbnails

Hi everyone, I use version 3.0.2, we need to put an image in the header of the web and thumbnails of images in the index of the magazine, as it happened in the versions 2.4x (attached photo) is this possible? Thank you very much for the help.

Hi @Juan_Pereyra

Journal header image you can upload as journal manager > Settings > Website > Logo. It has a different format than in OJS 2.4.x. At the same form you can also upload a journal thumbnail (that would be display on the index page in case you have several journals in one installation).
For an issue and an article you can upload a cover image:
For issue: Issues > Back/Future Issues > EDIT issue > Issue Data > Cover image.
For article: go to the submission > Metadata (in the right upper corner) > Cover image.


Thank you very much @bozana , I meant to occupy all the space of the header, I suppose I should do it by code

thank you again