Having a problem exporting from OJS 2 to deposit into D-Space 3.2 using SWORDv1

We are having a problem exporting from OJS 2 into D-Space 3.2 using SWORDv1.

After some trial and error we have managed to enable SWORD on both D-Space and OJS, but are having some problems with depositing from OJS into D-Space. When we try and export from OJS to deposit into D-Space we get a message that “The item(s) selected have been deposited.” However, the item never appears in the selected D-Space collection. When we check the D-Space logs we get the following warning and error:

Cannot find named plugin for interface=org.dspace.sword.SWORDIngester, name=“null”
org.purl.sword.base.SWORDErrorException: No ingester configured for this package type

Calling [dspaceurl]/sword/servicedocument works properly and we are using the “Optional; Flexible” setting for the deposit point in the OJS SWORD plugin.

We are looking to see if anyone else has had this problem and how they resolved it.

Cross posted from D-Space Tech.

Hi @klw21727,

What version of OJS are you running?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

We are currently running OJS