Hashing algorithms for OJS

My Institution already runs one of its journals using OJS 2.4.8-1 platform, and We are currently preparing a web site for another one, using OJS 3.1.1-4 platform. In order to improve the quality and the security of our site (complete site, including the journals) we would like to purchase and install a ssl certificate. I would like to ask, whether we may use a ssl certificate that supports any type of hashing or we have to use explicitly SHA-1 hashing? All suggestions will be highly appreciated.
I apologize for creating this issue again, I think I have already seen it has been previously addressed, however, IT security is something I do not fully understand, and I would very much appreciate if someone might help me with this issue.

You can use any modern SSL certificate with OJS. Transport layer security is independent on the application. Anything that you would purchase through a reputable vendor (or install via a reputable tool like Let’s Encrypt) will secure your traffic.

Be sure to set the config.inc.php options in OJS to require https after installing the certificate.

Thank you very much!