Hao to fix ojs-3.3.0-17 http 500 error

someone said delete webfeed can fixed this error ! i had delete this floder even can’t fixed ,when i route to (http://XXX.COM/index.php/index/admin/contexts) still have this problem


This error seems to be related to some files that are used remotely from http://pkp.sfu.ca domain that is now down. These files are related to available OJS versions and plugins. When the domain will be available, you will probably have access again to these pages.


José Carvalho

Hi all,

This was caused by a temporary outage on the PKP website; it’s resolved now, but we’ll make the apps more resilient to this kind of failure in a future release. See Make version check resilient to HTTP client exceptions · Issue #10018 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub for details.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

i had solved this problem the reason is my windows server’s environment。when i changed to liunx system all problem had gone! but there had an other problem is when i click register button can’t direct to register page it had rout to user/login i had saw the link is XXXX.com/user/register. i don’t know hao to solve this problem, this time my ojs’s version is 3.4.0-4