Handles in OJS through hdl.handle.net

I’m working with a journal to migrate onto OJS. The journal has handles (PURLs going through hdl.handle.net).

Here’s what I think I have to do:
I think OJS won’t interact with hdl.handle.net . I couldn’t find a plugin, so nothing like for Crossref. (I’m on OJS 2.4.8 .)
I should put the handle somewhere in metadata, maybe at the end of “Abstract”.
I should contact handle.net and ask how to update, and be ready to provide a csv file of handles and new locations.

Does this sound like a way to go? If anyone’s doing handles in OJS and can email a link to an example or say how you’ve done them, I would be super excited to see.

-Wilhelmina Randtke

Hi @randtke,

Yes, unfortunately, OJS does not support handles yes – only URNs and DOIs. I think you are also the first user I’ve heard of :slight_smile:
The way that you are proposing sounds good and probably the only way to go without extra implementation, but it has a few disadvantages: that way OJS is not aware of them, so they will not be provided as public identifiers via interfaces like e.g. OAI-PMH.
If you would have a possibility to implement a plugin similar to the DOI and URN public identifier plugin, it would solve that problem.

The other problem is the registration, that is separate from the assignment. In order for OJS to support that, another plugin similar to the Crossref, DataCite or mEDRA export/registration plugin should be implemented. Else it would need to be manually, as you suggested.