Grouping articles by keyword (clickable keywords)


In OJS (I’m now running 3.2.*), when a new article is submitted (but also during the editorial management phase) keywords can be attached to the article. I’m talking about the keywords that are controlled by the Keywords setting at the Journal management level > Settings > Workflow > Submission > Metadata > Keywords (where they can be enabled / disabled). These keywords are then visible when viewing a given article (as Keywords: foo, bar).

However, these keywords are not clickable. Is there a way to make keywords clickable as a way of creating a browseable list of articles that share the same keyword(s)?

An alternative seems to be the use of Categories, adjusting the “Browse Block” plugin of course and the respective sidebar. A key difference (between Keywords and Categories) being that the former is completely user-defined and the latter only user-selectable out of an admin-defined list. And also that converting an existing body of keywords to categories (in the DB) would be work.

I might be missing something obvious (I hope that’s the case) but any hint would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi @kasioumis,

Such a feature for using keywords in this manner does not yet exist for OJS/OMP/OPS. It is being discussed though as a future addition to OJS: Support browsing by keyword or subject · Issue #4932 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub


PKP Team

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there is the keyword cloud plugin available via the OJS Plugin Gallery.


Excellent news @rcgillis, thanks for pointing this out, it received my unofficial thumbs up upvote :slight_smile:

Thanks @mpbraendle, I tried that but it has a very “distinct” UI that doesn’t necessarily fit with the rest of the UI. Also, it does make the keywords clickable in the cloud, but it only launches a general search with the given keyword. That will probably yield satisfactory results but it might also return false positives and hide false negatives.