Google does not recognize my ojs

The google search engine does not record the url of my ojs. Why does this happen? The link of my journal is (Portal de Revistas Académicas de la UNI)

Help me please!!!

Have you registered for Google Webmaster Tools?

This will help you manage how Google indexes your site and will identify any problems Google detects.

Thanks but,

Google asks me to verify ownership of the web, copying the meta tag listed below and paste it on the main page of your site. You should appear in the , before the first section

How do I do this in OJS?

How I make a new meta name???

Hi, there are other methods available as well:

One of the easiest might be “HTML file upload”, which just requires you to paste a short file to an HTML file in the web root directory of your server.

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Ohhh thank you. I have succeeded verify ownership of my site in Google Search Console. The problem is the robot.txt

What I can do?


This is my robots.txt file

Its good? or not?

Regarding this message, I think it is only a warning rather than a critical error. However, the disallow directive should specify:
Disallow: /cache/

This is fixed in master but has never been backported to 2.x.