Google Analytics Update - GA4

Hi everyone,

I was just prompted by Google Analytics to update my properties to GA4 (I have one property per journal we host on OJS). Do I need to update the Google Analytics plugin in OJS (3) to reflect the new measurement ID? If so, will that affect my annual reporting in 2023 e.g. give me partial year data?

Any insight much appreciated!

Hi @rebeccauoe,

You may be interested in our blog post here:

As you can see from this, we recommend that you don’t track using Google Analytics if you don’t need to, and that if you do track with tools, that they be respectful with final users and laws of other countries. That said, if you need to use GA and really need it, the
customHeaders plugin can be used to call GA with the "anonymize the IP adresses tag.

PKP Team

Ah, thanks Roger! I hadn’t seen that blog post so that is really good to know.


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