Google Analytics tracking code must be entered for all authors in every submission?

I have used the Quick Submit plug-in to upload articles that were already published at our previous website. I just enabled the Google Analytics plug-in and now see there’s a Google Analytics code in the metadata for every author on every submission. Do I really have to fill that in (going back through 400 articles) for every author for every submission in order to track views on our site? I understand from another posting here that the author could enter their own GA code to track their views. But if we want to track this traffic, do we have to complete that field for every author on every submission? And why isn’t there more robust help to accompany this plug-in?

Hi @achristian,

The Analytics code that can be entered with every author account is to permit the author to optionally track views of the submission. For the journal as a whole, you can enter an analytics code in the setup for the Google Analytics plugin, and that’ll apply to all content.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team