Google Analytics plugin not working

OJS version:

The Google Analytics plugin seems not to work: even if I put the measurement ID or the stream ID.
There is a strange behavior in the configuration: it seems like the url composed has some error. When I click on the text field I’ll be redirected in>Google%20Analytics</a>%20per%20maggiori%20informazioni.</p><p>Google%20Analytics%20potrebbe%20impiegare%20fino%20a%2024%20ore%20per%20la%20raccolta%20iniziale%20dei%20dati%20statistici.%20Durante%20questo%20periodo,%20la%20funzione

Please read this


I can do that, thank you. But I also wanted to try to use the Custom header plugin. Which I found out it doesn’t really work…
When I install it it doesn’t appear in the Plugin list. @rcgillis do you know anything about this?

(Also, I have another minor bug I want to report… Sorry I am discovering lots of things ^^’)

Hi, @Lara_M,

You might want to check your PHP error logs, to see if there are relevant errors there - is this happening with other plugins as well?

Also, you might find this relevant:

PKP Team

So, it worked with this modification to the plugin:

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