Google ads conversion code in the OJS

We want to integrate Google ads conversion code in the OJS. We want to track the conversion once the author submits the paper through google ads.

Please suggest how to implement it.


I have never heard of this being done with OJS before, so I can’t suggest a way to implement this, but we can leave this thread open to see if anyone with experience with Google Ads can weigh in. Usually, integration with third party applications and services occurs within plugins for OJS. If you’re interested in developing a plugin, see our documentation here: Plugin Guide for OJS and OMP

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PKP Team

@rcgillis No one is replying, please help us.

Hi @aroramohit,

The Custom Headers plugin (available from Settings > Website > Plugins > Plugin Gallery) will allow you to add custom script tags into your site header. However, I suspect the conversion code is specific to certain pages (ie - you have a specific conversion code to place on one issue or article page).

If that’s the case, you’ll need to write a plugin to implement this, or seek out technical support to undertake this work for you. It is not supported by OJS out-of-the-box.